CFTC Amendments to Compliance Requirements for Commodity Pool Operators on Form CPO-PQR

October 7th | 2020

At its recent open meeting, the CFTC considered the final rule that would amend the compliance requirements for CPOs on Form CPO-PQR, which are intended to enhance the CFTC’s ability to gain more timely insight into the activities of CPOs and their operated pools. According to Chairman Heath P. Tarbet, the amendments are also expected to reduce reporting burdens for market participants.

Form CPO-PQR requests information regarding the operations of a CPO and each pool that it operates, in varying degrees of frequency and complexity, depending upon the assets under management of both the CPO and the operated pool(s). Notably, the final rule eliminates the collection of certain data points that may be available to the CFTC via other means.

There is also an additional piece of key information that will be collected going forward: legal entity identifiers (LEIs) for CPOs and their operated pools. Adding a LEI requirement for CPOs and their operated pools will allow the CFTC to line up form CPO-PQR with data reported from exchanges, clearinghouses, swap data repositories, and futures commission merchants.

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