CFTC Division of Enforcement Issues Annual Report

January 5th | 2021

The CFTC’s Division of Enforcement recently issued its annual report for Fiscal Year 2020. A few of the highlights include that in 2020 the division brought:

  • the most enforcement actions filed in CFTC history (113)

  • cases that totaled $1.3 billion in monetary relief ordered—the fourth highest total in CFTC history

  • a case resulting in the largest monetary relief ordered in CFTC history ($920 million)

  • the most retail fraud actions (56) in a single fiscal year in CFTC history

  • a total of 16 actions filed in parallel with federal criminal authorities

The full report has breakdown of the cases by category shows that the enforcement program has targeted some of the most harmful forms of market misconduct and includes links to each case. In fact, about 65% of the matters filed in FY 2020 involved commodity fraud, manipulative conduct, false reporting, or spoofing. The report is an interesting read and shows the agency’s commitment to its strategic goal of being tough on those who break the rules.

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