SEC Adopts Rules to Facilitate Electronic Submission of Documents to the Agency

November 23rd | 2020

The SEC recently voted to adopt rules and rule amendments that will provide additional flexibility in connection with documents filed with the Commission by permitting the use of electronic signatures in authentication documents and permitting electronic service and filing in the SEC’s administrative proceedings.

In its first filing, the SEC amended certain rules and forms under the Securities Act, Exchange Act, and Investment Company Act to allow the use of electronic signatures in authentication documents in connection with certain other filings when these filings contain typed, rather than manual, signatures. The amendments also permit a signatory to an electronic filing who follows certain procedures to sign an authentication document through an electronic signature that meets certain requirements specified in the EDGAR Filer Manual.

The SEC’s second filing proposed amendments to the Commission’s Rules of Practice that will automate and modernize aspects of the filing process in administrative proceedings through electronic filing and service in such proceedings.

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