SEC Announces Temporary Relief - Rule 606 of Regulation NMS

On March 25 the SEC announced temporary relief for the broker-dealer reporting requirements of Rule 606 of Regulation NMS. The rule requires broker-dealers to provide enhanced disclosure of information regarding the handling of their customers’ orders. Rule 606 requires broker-dealer provide public disclosures regarding aggregated order routing and disclosure regarding routing and execution of not held orders upon request of a customer that places such orders.

The order grants the following temporary exemptive relief from certain requirements of Rule 606:

(1) broker-dealers are exempt from the requirement to provide the public report covering the first quarter of 2020 required by Rule 606(a) until May 29, 2020;

(2) broker-dealers that engage in outsourced routing activity are exempt from the requirement to collect the monthly customer-specific data required by Rule 606(b)(3) for such activity until June 1, 2020, and are exempt until July 29, 2020, from the requirement to provide a customer-specific report of June 2020 outsourced routing data within seven business days for customer requests for such customer-specific reports that are made on or before July 17, 2020.

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