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The NFA Releases New Guidance for the Affirmation Process

December 6th | 2021

The NFA has released guidance for the affirmation process of any CPO or CTA firms that claim exemptions from registration under CFTC Regulation (the “Firms”). These Firms must affirm their active exemption by March 2, 2022, or they will be subject to Part 4 Requirements of the CFTC Regulation regardless of their eligibility for the exemption.

The affirmation process is completed through the Exemption System. Within the Exemptions Index all the exemptions the firm has on file with the NFA will be listed with an icon in the “Affirm” column. By clicking on this icon and “OK” in the pop up, the current date will replace the icon. The date reflects the successful affirmation. At the bottom of the index, there is also a button to “Affirm All” which will affirm multiple exemptions.

See the NFA Notice for more details and frequently asked questions.

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