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Sexual Harassment Prevention 

Titan Offers State Compliant Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.  

Many states, including Illinois, New York, Connecticut, and California require, by law, mandatory employee sexual harassment training.  Titan Regulation provides custom consulting packages that include policy review and training offerings that fit your company’s needs.  These programs are designed to help your business ensure compliance with state laws and avoid penalties in your state.

Contact Titan below to review your sexual harassment policies and procedures and schedule sexual harassment training today.

Who must comply?


Employers in the following states are required to adhere to the state sexual harassment training requirements:

  • New York – Compliance Date December 31, 2019;

  • Connecticut – Compliance Date October 1, 2020;

  • Illinois – Compliance Date December 31, 2020; and

  • California – Compliance Date January 1, 2020.

Click on the link above to review the requirements in your state.  Contact Titan Regulation to review your compliance requirements with one of our consulting professionals.

What does Titan’s training include?

Titan develops bespoke sexual harassment training following a thorough policy review of your firm’s sexual harassment policies and procedures.  Titan tailors each training to your state regulations and your needs.

Titan’s training goes above the minimum standards for sexual harassment prevention training as outlined by each state and includes an enhanced version of each state’s model sexual harassment prevention training including:

  • An explanation of sexual harassment consistent with the state law;

  • Examples of conduct that constitutes unlawful sexual harassment;

  • A summary of relevant federal and state statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment, including remedies available to victims of sexual harassment; and

  • A Summary of responsibilities of employers in the prevention, investigation, and corrective measures of sexual harassment.

What happens if I do not comply?

Each state has implemented state specific penalties related to non-compliance of state related sexual harassment training.  Failure to comply may result in a civil penalty against employers, which may include the following financial penalties schedule*:

$500 – $1,000 for the first offense

$1,000 – $3,000 for the second offense

$3,000 – $5,000 for the third and subsequent offenses


*Fees based on Illinois Human Rights Act civil penalties corresponding to employers with fewer than 4 employees on the low and greater than 4 employees on the high end.

If you are interested in this training, please contact us below

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